Computed Tomography (CT) 128-Slice Low Dose

  • General CT Scan Low Dose

    Our CT 128-Slice GE Revolution technology is the latest in low dosage, high resolution imaging.  CT scans are used to generate high quality diagnostic images of internal body organs including soft tissue, blood vessels and bone. Our CT 128-Slice technology produces high resolution computerised imaging, allowing accurate detection of any potential abnormalities within the human body.

  • CT Cardiac Angiograph

    CT Cardiac Angiography is a non-invasive procedure which studies the arteries and blood supply to the heart. This procedure involves an intravenous contrast (iodine dye).

  • CT Angiograph

    CT Angiography is a specialist procedure used to analyse blood vessels (venous or arterial phase) throughout the body. This procedure also involves administering an intravenous contrast to the patient.

    The contrast medium will be used for both CT Cardiac and CT Angiography procedures to ensure accurate visualisation during the scan. Please view the ‘Contrast Injection Facts’ page located under the ‘For Patients’ tab for further information. Please ensure to check with our friendly reception staff before arriving to your appointment to confirm preparation procedures for your scan.