What to Expect

Before Your Visit

You must have a doctor’s referral for all examinations. If you do not present us a doctor’s referral, we may not be permitted to perform your scan. If you have been referred for a CT scan or Ultrasound, you must make a booking by calling us on (02) 8765 8822, or visiting in person during our opening hours, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm and Saturday 10am to 1pm.

Please take note of any preparation requirements (such as fasting or drinking water) that are instructed when making a booking. Further information on how to prepare for your scan is available under the ‘For Patients’ tab. You will receive a reminder from us (1 working day prior to the date of your scan) to confirm your booking.

On The Day

Please fulfill any preparation requirements and arrive 10 minutes before your appointment. If you have any previous films or reports that may be relevant to your examination, bring them along. These will be returned to you after your appointment.

Have your doctor’s referral and Medicare card ready to hand to the receptionists upon your arrival.

After Your Scan

Patient pick up: The receptionists will advise you when your examination results are ready to collect. The results will include a hard copy of your films and the radiologist’s report.
Fax: A copy of the report can be faxed to any additional doctors upon patient request.
Electronic transmission: For certain referrers, the patient’s report is digitally transmitted and available for download as soon as the report has been verified by our radiologist.